Cordless drill reviews

Buy the best cordless drill

We review 10 of the best cordless drills you can buy today and tell you which is the best value. Each cordless drill has reviewed in depth and all the cordless featured here are suberb value for money.

There are literally dozens of cordless drills available on the market currently, but which one is right for you?

You can spend from say £35 for a low cost cordless drill with a small battery upto £350 for a top of the line lithium ion professional model used by the trade. Check out the Dewalt DC740KA  this is a professional grade power tool designed for the heavy user.

Cordless Drill Reviews

All these cordless drills have their own good and bad points, from lack of power at the cheaper end to being too heavy at the expensive end, but each one is designed for a different user and we want to give you the very best cordless drill which is right for you. For the latest cordless drill reviews check out this section please.

It is seldom obvious which features you might need when selecting a new cordless drill, listed here are some ideas which should point you in the right direction.

How to choose a cordless drill

There are also loads of different manufacturers to choose from, again there are top line cordless drill manufacturers such as Dewalt, Makita and Bosch, middle tier cordless drill manufacturers such as Black and Decker also there are lower priced cordless drill manufacturers such as Skil and Draper.

All of these different cordless drill manufacturers make great products around their own price points, you need to decide what use you want for your cordless drill and then go from there.

If you want a cheap cordless drill then there some excellent options from Bosch at the moment for around £50, however if you want a professional grade cordless drill for trade use then Dewalt makes a great model for just over £200. So you should really think about what use you want from your cordless drill and choose an appropiate price point, that way you will get the best cordless drill for your needs. Other things to think about are what size battery voltage to go for and wether you want an lithium ion or a nicad battery cell to power your drill. Both are good options, lithium ion cells are the latest technology at the moment so perhaps you may want to go for one of these cells.